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Wed 27 Jun 2018
By: Elisa – The booking site for camping holidays
It is one of those ‚Does it already exist?‘-ideas. That good – that you assume it must already exist. A camping booking site. You immediately understand, what is means. Very practical – open an account, klick through, get inspired, compare prices, find unique places. And finally, with only a few klicks, find the best place with the best campsite. Great.

So why hadn’t it happened yet? Of course, first of all you need to have the idea. But then you also need the right contacts and the technical knowledge. Sure is: you must be crazy about camping.
This speaks for Hannes, Kasper and their Hannes knows everything about the setup and maintenance of complex and user-friendly websites. Kasper knows the camping-world like nobody else. So, a perfect duo. Besides this, they are witty enough to name their website ‚‘ and to use a koala as their signature symbol. Let’s take a moment to think about it.

‘Yes, a koala. It all started off as a joke. A little low, we know. But it stuck in our mind, ‘ Kasper explains. ‘It’s not easily forgotten and a koala is one of the cutest animals, which comes to mind. When we finally accepted it, it came to life. It just suits us: we want to be your friendly, funny, adventurous and versatile camping companion. And who wouldn’t like to go traveling with a koala?’

Behind the scenes it is, by all means, very hard work. Hannes, Kasper and all Campoala’s, do everything to assist clients on their website – in order for them to find the ideal campsite for the upcoming year. built up a gigantic offer across Europe. As enthusiastic as they are as a start-up, not every little European spot has become a Campoala travel destination just yet. They are working hard to close these gaps. Hannes: „For example, I spent an entire afternoon looking for additional travel destinations and campsites, in order to improve our offer. We want you to have the choice of all best campsites in Europe on our website. This means, that we want to connect to as many campsites as possible. We really just want to include the best campsites.’

Kasper: This is exactly, what we do. In simple terms: with us, you find and book the best site for your next camping holiday. It doesn’t matter, if you are looking for a comfortable campsite for you and your teenage-kids in the South of France, or if you are looking for a unique farmhouse campsite on the Italian coast. Campers have completely different wishes. One would like to stay in a hip glamping accommodation, the other might want to stay at the campsite by the nice river, which he has been staying at for the last 10 years. To offer something perfect to all the various people with different wishes: this is our challenge.’ Hannes adds: ‚And on the other hand, we also want to be there for the tour operators and campers. If we are able to do our utmost best also in this area, it is ideal for everybody.’

This is the reason, why neither you or me have developed a yet. The flipside of this service requires expert knowledge and a lot of attention. Besides the fact that Hannes und Kasper have to know and connect with the tour operators and campsite owners, they also have to manage to flawlessly incorporate the booking systems of all these different providers in real time on A challenging job, which requires much attention and innovation on a daily basis. Hannes: ‚We are super-innovative and want to continuously push boundaries. And all of this, to be able to provide an easy and accessible service: smooth, flawless and user-friendly.’

And where do the gentlemen go on vacation themselves? They laugh. They have been so busy with, that they haven’t really thought about it yet. ‘Well at least we both already have a account, it will all work out.’